• 62nd International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians, 18 to 20 October in Nürnberg

    Between 18 and 20 October 2017, more than 8,300 representatives of the hearing aid profession were gathering for the 62nd International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians held in Nürnberg. Delegates from 83 countries attended the event. There were 135 exhibitor stands in the accompanying trade exhibition.

    Twenty specialist lectures, held by renowned presenters from Australia, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and the United States, offered the latest in medical, psychological, and auditory aspects of hearing deficiencies. The accompanying trade exhibition showcased next-generation hearing systems, and presented innovative options for hearing aid professionals when fitting hearing aids.

    The broad range of subjects is the hallmark of the International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians. This year's conference centred around over-the-counter hearing aids and their impact on global hearing care, multilingual speech tests, and speech intelligibility. The industry update on Thursday included reports on directional hearing, speech intelligibility, sound perception, smart connectivity for hearing systems, and cognitive ability. Lectures on Friday focused on hyperacusis, tinnitus, and noise reduction. In addition, there was an interesting discussion of basic and cutting-edge technology from the perspective of an Australian research project.

  • The video recordings (videos) of the lectures presented at the 62nd International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians held in Nürnberg between 18 and 20 Oct 2017 are now online (original-language versions).

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    Video recordings of the opening ceremony are available free of charge in the Video area.

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Table of contents of the video recordings (original-language versions) that are subject to a fee:

  • Video 1 english

    Prof. Dr. Barry Freeman Ph. D., Weston, Florida (USA)

    “Over-the-counter hearing aids: The impact on global hearing care”

    Video 2 deutsch

    Prof. Dr. Hartmut Meister, Cologne

    “Approaches for assessing cognitive load during speech recognition”

    Video 3 deutsch

    Prof. Dr. Dr. Birger Kollmeier, Oldenburg

    “Precision audiology: How multilingual speech tests can make
    individual success of a hearing aid fitting predictable”

    Video 4 deutsch

    Prof. Dr. Steffen Kreikemeier, Aalen

    “Prescription procedures vs individual dynamic-oriented percentile fitting – how much
    audibility is reasonable?”

  • Video 5 deutsch

    Dipl.-Ing. Horst Warncke, Hamburg

    “Better directional listening without directional microphone?”

    Video 6 deutsch

    Dr. Matthias Latzel, Stäfa (Switzerland)

    “Speech intelligibility in a dual-task paradigm using hearing
    instruments and adaptive digital wireless microphone technology”

    Video 7 deutsch

    Dan Hilgert-Becker, Bonn

    “Optimising speech intelligibility in noise in SSD patients using
    a wireless remote microphone system”

    Video 8 english

    Jason Galster Ph. D., Eden Prairie, Minnesota (USA)

    “Searching for specificity in cognitive screeners: MoCA vs PNT”

    Video 9 deutsch

    Simon Müller M. Sc., Stuttgart

    “Cognition and variable compression – new insights into a particular dimension of hearing”

    Video 10 deutsch

    Hans-Christian Drechsler, Ballerup (Denmark)

    “Audiological background of smart hearing aids – scientific findings and benefits for
    everyday life”

    Video 11 deutsch

    Dipl.-Ing. Marc Aubreville, Erlangen

    “Intelligent, seamless integration of external technologies into the universal program”

    Video 12 deutsch

    Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Best, Erlangen

    “Own-voice perception: Naturalness achieved by a newly developed analysing method”

  • Video 13 deutsch

    Ing. Vincent Gansel, Lübeck

    “Comparison of two measurement procedures to evaluate wireless
    remote microphone systems in clinical practice”

    Video 14 deutsch

    Prof. Dr. Gerhard Goebel and Susanne Günther M. Sc., Prien am Chiemsee

    “Hyperacusis as an added stress factor for chronic tinnitus sufferers, and software-assisted operationalisation of hyperacusis based on categorial loudness scaling”

    Video 15 deutsch

    Dr. Winfried Schlee, Regensburg

    “Notch or no notch: On the treatment of chronic tinnitus using notched auditory stimulation”

    Video 16 deutsch

    Dr. Hendrik Husstedt and Marlitt Frenz M. Sc., Lübeck

    “Analysis of noise reduction in situations with multiple signals from different directions”

    Video 17 english

    Jason Galster Ph. D., Eden Prairie, Minnesota (USA)

    “Does noise tolerance predict patient preference for digital noise reduction?”

    Video 18 english

    Susan Clutterbuck B. Sc. (Hons), Traralgon, Victoria (Australien)

    “Real-world outcomes for basic and premium technology:
    Is there a difference?”

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