Future Friday 2021

Four top-class presentations given by renowned experts provide insights into technical innovations and the future of the industry. Future Friday as a forward-looking format was offered for the first time in 2019, and has now established itself.


Dr. Birgitta Gabriel
Ellerbek (Germany)

Language: deutsch

“The hearing care professional of the future”

Professions such as parcel delivery, flight attendant, and tax consultant are threatened with extinction in the next few years. Many people predict a secure future for hearing care professionals. Reasons include, for example, the demographic change as well as the importance of health.

At the same time, digitisation, dematerialisation and artificial intelligence are changing the demands on hearing care professionals. Already now, counselling on connectivity requires a lot of time, ear impressions are replaced by 3D scans, and hearing systems can be fitted remotely.
Moreover, we see new customers ordering something quickly on the internet from the comfort of their living rooms at night. Programbased online counselling – to find appropriate hearing aids – and selling hearing systems online are on the increase.

Let‘s take a look at what skills and competencies hearing care professionals need to stay ahead in the VUCA world of the 21st century. How do they distinguish themselves not only from tougher competition, but also from robots or artificial intelligence? One statement that has become more important than ever is: “Hire for attitude, train for skills.”

Stefan Menzl
Erlangen (Germany)

Language: english

“The future of hearing systems – the next big thing?”

The development of hearing aids has progressed rapidly in recent years. Some significant changes stand out: digital hearing aids, RIC (receiverinthecanal) devices, and smartphone connectivity, to name but a few. So, what‘s next?

If you take a step back from the hearing aid world and look at other industries, it‘s rather clear: digitisation – a consistent continuation of automation beyond robots in industrial operations.
What does this mean for us working in this industry? Should we be afraid that industrial robots will soon take over the fitting of hearing aids? Certainly not. This is a humantohuman interaction – not suitable for a machine. However, we will get more and more help from machines: online ordering, online delivery tracking, online customer support, or using artificial intelligence to help with fitting.

Is this a danger for hearing care professionals? No. More than anything it’s an opportunity for them to support their customers even better and provide even more customisation and individuality. This, of course, will also be reflected in economic success. However, this is not true for countries that lack adequate resources to prevent and treat hearing loss. Their challenges are different.

Exciting times ahead. Get ready!

Scott Peterson
Saint Paul, Minnesota (USA)

Language: english

“Noah ES – cloud-based Extended Services providing reliable, compliant, and scalable solutions”

HIMSA’s presentation will cover Noah ES, the next evolution of the Noah software platform. The following main topics will be dealt with:
  • Ease of use and support for existing Windows desktop Noah compatible fitting and measurement modules
  • Improved and modern software integration methods for HIMSA member company cloud-based solutions
  • Hearing care business complete control of their patient data
  • Design and features for small businesses and large chains
  • Removal of IT burdens such as networking, database safety, and GDPR compliance
  • Easy fee structure for remote work environments and business growth


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