The specialist lectures

The video recordings (videos) of the lectures presented at the 65th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians held in Hannover between 15 and 17 Sep 2021 are now online (original-language versions).

(online access expires: 11 Oct. 2022)

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Overview of original-language videos that can be watched against a fee:

  • Video 1 english

    Sara Burdak, Au.D., and Archelle Georgiou, M.D., Eden Prairie, Minnesota (USA)
    “Impact of COVID-19 on hearing health and wellness”

    Video 2 english

    Jack Scott, Ph.D., Glenview, Illinois (USA)
    “Hearing loss and tinnitus from Covid-19: A hearing health pandemic?”

    Video 3 deutsch

    Dr. Florian Denk, Lübeck
    “Occlusion and coupling effects with different earmould designs – just a matter of the acoustic mass?”

    Video 4 deutsch

    Dr. Volker Kühnel, Stäfa (Switzerland)
    “Acoustic coupling – the underestimated factor in hearing aid fitting”

  • Video 5 deutsch

    Public health politics topic: Online

    Dr. Martin Justus, Alexander Seliger, National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds, Berlin
    “Determining fixed prices for the trade of hearing aid acoustics from the
    perspective of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds”

    Video 6 deutsch

    Dr.-Ing. Jan Helmig, Chief Digital Officer, opta data Gruppe, Essen
    “Telematics infrastructure in the German health care system – benefits and challenges for hearing aid acousticians”

    Video 7 deutsch

    Public health politics topic:

    Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Goebel, Prien am Chiemsee
    “Misophonia: A largely unknown sound sensitivity variant with little researched therapy”

    Video 8 english

    Nikolai Bisgaard, M.Sc., EHIMA, Brussels (Belgium)
    “HearStream – a new Bluetooth-based sound reinforcement system for hearing aid users“

    Video 9 deutsch

    Harald Bonsel, Reinheim
    “trueLOUDNESS: Method to measure binaural broadband loudness

    Video 10 english

    Christine la Cour Bentzon, M.A., Copenhagen (Denmark)
    “The impact of a receiver module with canal microphone on listening effort and acceptance and the resulting benefits for users and hearing care professionals”

    Video 11 deutsch

    Melanie Krüger M. Sc., Oldenburg
    “Improving spatial speech intelligibility of everyday sentences in noise by
    hearing aid fitting”

    Video 12 deutsch

    Prof. Dr. Hartmut Meister, Cologne
    “Attentional mechanisms in static and dynamic cocktail party situations”

    Video 13 deutsch

    Dr. Martin Kinkel, Burgwedel
    “Hearing aids in the cloud – what does that mean for hearing care professionals?”

    Video 14 deutsch

    Sascha Haag M. A., Erlangen
    “Concept for auditory contrast enhancement with hearing aids”

  • Video 15 deutsch

    Max Engler M. Sc., Erlangen

    “Hearing aid provision for severe hearing loss: Real-ear measurements and targets for NAL-NL2 and DSL v.5.0”

    Video 16 deutsch

    Dr. Florian Schmidt, Lübeck
    “Estimation of MC levels using intraoperatively determined eCAP thresholds of AutoART”

    Video 17 deutsch

    Dr.-Ing. Josef Chalupper, Hanover
    “Which opportunities and challenges does CI rehabilitation offer to hearing aid acousticians?”

    Video 18 deutsch

    Dr. Jérôme Servais, Bensheim, and Dr. Christian Reuther, Berlin
    “Patient or clinic – who is the operator of a cochlear implant?” A talk between Dr. med. Servais and Dr. jur. Reuther

    Video 19 deutsch

    Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Kompis, Bern (Switzerland)
    “New research into bone conduction hearing aids: Benefit of non-implanted devices and influence of MPO”

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