Digital EUHA Congress

The Digital EUHA Congress was held from 9 October to 8 November 2020. The EUHA digital lectures and the Digital Future Friday presentations are available here:

64th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians:
Intelligent hearing and securing the future

Some 8,000 delegates from 99 countries participated in the 64th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians. Organised by the European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA), this major event was held in Nuremberg, Germany, between 16 and 18 October 2019. Attendance figures make the convention the largest specialist event of its kind in the world. The conference schedule included 22 lectures, six tutorials as well as a special programme for Future Friday. A total of 29 lecturers from Germany and abroad presented the latest knowledge on digitisation, artificial intelligence, and new sensor technologies.

Those who did not manage to attend the Congress, or wish to recap in peace and quiet what they heard, will be able to watch all the presentations online at – this is also an achievement of digitisation!

The video recordings (videos) of the lectures presented at the 64nd International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians held in Nuremberg between 16 and 18 Oct 2019 are now online (original-language versions).

2019 EUHA Congress – Opening ceremony

1. Beate Gromke
(EUHA president)

2. Dr. Stefan Zimmer
(Chairman of the Board of the German Hearing Aid Industry Association)

3. Dr. Peter Pluschke
(City Council of Nuremberg)

Language: german

The EUHA Sponsorship Award was presented on Wednesday, 16 October 2019. This year’s recipients are:

1st prize: Christoph Neumann / Lennart Bandick
“Determining transcranial frequency response while using an air conduction transducer”

2nd prize: Josef Schröder
“Evaluating the effect of linear and compressive hearing aid processing on perceived quality of music and musical scene transparency in people with impaired hearing”

3rd prize: Larissa Jäger
“Determination of reference speech recognition curves for the Freiburg monosyllabic speech test in noise for various loudspeaker configurations”

Language: german

The Research Award of the Research Association of German Hearing Aid Acousticians (FDHA)

Dr. Hendrik Husstedt, Lübeck
Laudatory speech: Prof. Dr. Karin Schorn

Language: german

Opening ceremony and keynote address:

Kai Arne Gondlach,
M.A., Zukunftsforscher, Itzehoe

“How will artificial intelligence transform our future?”

Language: german

Table of contents of the Videos of the specialist lectures (original-language versions):

  • Video 1 english

    Prof. Dr. Andreas Dietz, Leipzig/Bonn

    “Artificial intelligence in the operating theatre of the future”

    Video 2 deutsch

    Dr. Hendrik Husstedt, Lübeck

    “Technical evaluation of feedback reduction algorithms in hearing aids”

    Video 3 deutsch

    Christophe Lesimple, Berne (Switzerland)/Lyon (France)

    “Method to evaluate acoustic feedback in dynamic and realistic situations using a fast-acting feedback canceller”

    Video 4 deutsch

    Dipl.-Ing. Lutz Ehrig, Dresden

    “MEMS speaker for otology”

  • Video 5 deutsch

    Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kießling, Gießen

    “Hearables – current status and future perspectives”

    Video 6 deutsch

    Prof. Dr. Anna Nagl, Aalen

    “The impact of digitisation on the buying behaviour of so-called personas”

    Video 7 deutsch

    Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Hoppe, Erlangen

    “Is individual speech intelligibility with cochlear implants predictable?”

    Video 8 english

    Takeshi Nakaichi, Ph.D., Tokyo (Japan)

    “Cartilage conduction hearing aid (CCHA) – device and performance shown in clinical studies”

    Video 10 deutsch

    Dr. Matthias Latzel, Stäfa (Switzerland)

    “Comparison of classification systems in complex listening situations”

    Video 11 deutsch

    Dr.-Ing. Tobias Wurzbacher, Erlangen

    “Sensors in the hearing instrument? Extended scene analysis using motion patterns”

    Video 12 deutsch

    Dipl.-Ing. Horst Warncke, Hamburg

    “Power to the People”

    Video 13 deutsch

    Simon Müller, M.Sc., Stuttgart

    “From real life hearing to signal processing”

  • Video 14 deutsch

    Franziska Scharata, B.Sc., Lübeck

    “The influence of crystallised intelligence on listening in a cocktail party situation”

    Video 15 deutsch

    Hans-Christian Drechsler, Ballerup (Denmark)

    “Artificial intelligence in the hearing care industry – benefits for hearing aid users and hearing care professionals”

    Video 16 deutsch

    Dipl.-Ing. Marc Aubreville, Erlangen

    “Artificial intelligence everywhere? Past, present and future for hearing aid applications”

    Video 17 english

    Felix Gassenmeyer, M.Sc., Lübeck

    “Prediction of the sound pressure at the tympanic membrane using the finite element method for individual hearing aid fittings”

    Video 18 english

    Kevin Seitz-Paquette, Au.D., Eden Prairie, Minnesota (USA)

    “Clinical considerations of comorbidities of hearing loss”

    Video 20 deutsch

    Dipl.-Ing. Siegrid Meier, M.A., Lübeck

    “Empowerment in the context of hearing impairment: only if technology no longer helps?”

    Video 21 english

    Daisuke Suzuki, M.Sc., Utsunomiya (Japan)

    “Case studies illustrate pros and cons of integrating telemedicine in hearing aid fitting and follow-up”

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